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Those of you who follow my blogs and like them, share them and post them on your FB, LinkedIn or Twitter page – I have something personal for you this Christmas Day.

I believe a responsible, caring parent is the secret behind every success.

It is through their relentless work and endeavours to prepare us for life and its pitfalls and stick to it until we are successfull.

What are the characteristics of a responsible, loving parent?

Mentor, trainer, coach, teacher, cleaner, driver, cook, food specialist, skin therapeut, study spesialist, chaplain, best friend, football fan, party crusher, tourist guide, broken heart mender.

He is not afraid to tell us we’re wrong in a just case, or give us the right direction when we err. His standards are high and puts us back onto the road to happiness by teaching us how to live up to them. He reminds us of the important things in life, and supports us to become successful. He is the first to observe our talents and dreams and does everything to help us make them come true; whether it is to be a famous explorer, fireman, nurse, entrepreneur, artist, painter, model, pianist or policeman. He defends us with all his might and protects us against all evil.

To all mothers, fathers, sons and daughters.

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