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How to find good personell?

Definitely each and everyone wants the perfect staff for his company.

Apart from all the professional qualities like education, training and experience, what is the most important factor that will define your future success?

Adhesion, coehision, co-existence, well-being, education or pan-determinism?

Well I think the most important factor is the staff member’s willingness to contribute to the overall success of the company. Is he interested in numbers, results, data about his own contribution to the overall product?

Because in the end education, training and experience are not worth a dime if the staff member does not contribute to the overall product of the company and is fully aware of the production’s worth and knows that he is contributing. His pay, his future and his well-being is dependent on his employer’s success – only.

How to find them?

With clearly defined post descriptions, product descriptions and statistics.

Then both can see if they are on track and come up with plans and solutions for improving production, find out what worked and should be re-enforced and what to drop. And those staff that are not contributing will either leave all by themselves or engage fully in the success of the company. So all win in the end.

And you can concentrate on producing and selling your product and dominate your market.

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